Does Tamilian Should Rule Tamil Nadu ?

Why Tamilan Should Rule Tamil Nadu : In recent days, most of the people in Tamilnadu where discussing about the topic whether 'Tamilan should rule Tamil Nadu ?'. This kind of questions have been raised by few political parties who need the attention of common men in Tamilnadu.

Political parties like 'Naam Tamilar Katchi' is making this a big issue in Tamilnadu. Recently actor Rajinikanth has expressed his willingness to join politics. Rajnikant being a marathon who is born in Karnataka and living in Tamilnadu for the past 44 years is now targeted by 'Naam tamilar Katchi'.

But this kind of statements against the famous Indian Superstar Rajinikanth looks meaning less. First of all common people will not accept this kind of questions. Who is a Tamil people the person who accept the Tamil culture and follows the Tamil principles can be called as a Tamilian. Rajinikanth living in Tamilnadu for the past 44 years and marrying Tamil girl and also he made his daughters to marry young Tamil men so now the question arises whether he is a Tamilian now ?

Definitely he is a pure Tamilian. There are many political parties who need some attention and monkey Tamil society and peoples so they seems to target superstar Rajinikanth for a meaningless statements.