Baasha re-release at Fantastic Fest 2017 gets huge attention among English people's

Baasha Re-release's At Fantastic Fest 2017 : actor Rajnikant one of the most popular and blockbuster film Badshah have re-released at fantastic fest 2017 yesterday. Among hundreds of film continuously played for the couple of days in that big event, superstar Rajinikanth Basha has got huge attention among foreign audiences.

Almost everyone have give positive response for the film. And they were impressed with this Indian film particularly among the couple of movies played on the same day. Many people felt Baasha film and Rajinikanth's heroism matched similar to Terminator and Commando kind of films.

Surprisingly audience from Mexico and Canada had shown their interest in watching more of Superstar Rajinikanth films after watching 'Baasha'.

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