Bigg Boss: Is Oviya Eliminated or Sent Out, Will she come back to the house ?

Oviya Goes Out of Bigg Boss House: Actress Oviya has been sent out of Bigg Boss house due to her personal reasons. It will be difficult for a girl to handle all such hatred, stress and depression inside the Bigg Boss house when you were cornered by all the other contestants. Oviya still managed to be stronger and smarter in handling other contestants. But unfortunately her close one Aarav, has backstabbed Oviya last week which made Oviya sick. 

Oviya seems to be looking for affection, friendship and love inside Bigg Boss house. But none of the contestants has given her a proper and genuine affection. 

Let's hope Oviya will come back as a wildcard entry. What's your opinion about Oviya and her elimination.