Bigg Boss contestants with huge fan base in Tamil Nadu

Bigg boss Tamil : Analysing the fans following for the list of 15 big contestants in season 1 of Tamil Big Boss. Kamal Hassan hosting Bigg Boss Tamil season 1 has got huge attention among Tamil audience. Vijay TV has once again proved they are the best next generation television channel.

Among the 15 contestants from the house of Bigg Boss 14 of them were already well-known among Tamil audience. They already have a huge name as they belong to Tamil film industry. One cute unknown girl among the 15 in the house is Julie who is known during the 'Jallikattu' protest.

Julie who has got huge attention and fans during Jallikattu seems to be living her worst part of life. Julie's clash with Oviya has made Julie to be commented very bad in social media's. Also her character and fake behaviour made her hatred among Tamil audience.

Oviya being genuine and honest has got huge fans among Tamil audience. She has been receiving more than 1.5 crores of votes every time when big boss contestants try to eliminate her. Undoubtedly Oviya is the Princess of Bigg Boss house.