Rajinikanth : God is using me as an actor, may be politician tomorrow

Chennai: The Tamil superstar Rajinikanth has met his fans today. This fans meet has happened finally after a long 12 years of waiting. Rajnikanth has almost spoke about 20 minutes to his fans before taking photographs with his fans who have came from 3 districts of Tamil Nadu. 

During the meet Rajinikanth said that he don't want to pull his fans by making fake commitments on politics and he also said some fans try to me asking when we are going to make progress and go ahead. When can we see money through politics." Replying to fans statement, Rajinikanth said "I won't allow my fans near me who think about earning money through politics". 

Highlights of fans meet:
  1. Rajini meets fans after 12 years.
  2. Rajinikanth hints about politics.
  3. Rajinikanth said politics is not a business to earn money.
  4. Rajini has taken photos with hundreds of fans. 
Rajnikanth also said that, god is currently using him as an actor so he is acting and if God forces him to become a politician he will be doing it without any fear. 

During the meet Rajinikanth ask his fans to quit drinking and smoking and advise him to take care of their family members. Stay tuned for more news updates on Tamil cinema.