Criticize Rajinikanth on Facebook to get money from leading political parties

Chennai: Rajinikanth criticised in social media's for his hint on entering full time politics. Actor Rajinikanth has made some strong comments on the current political situations in Tamil Nadu. Superstar Rajinikanth for the first time made few statements indicating that he will be soon into full time politics.
Now the political parties have already started their move to oppose Rajinikanth with the power of social media's.  If you own a social media page / group with more than 5 lakh followers you can spread fake and negative comments on Rajinikanth and get paid for it.
Many political parties have already spending money on it. Starting from 5000 to 50,000 they are paying to degrade the image of Rajinikanth in Tamil Nadu.
Definitely if Rajinikanth can't being any changes to current political system, no one can save Tamil Nadu. Stay tuned for more news on this.

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