Suchitra Says Dhanush Amala Paul Video First, Trisha Dhanush Next : Suchi Leaks

Singer Suchitra is expected to leak some naughty videos of Tamil celebrities. But now are not sure whether Suchitra's account is being hacked. Does Suchitra really have video or photo proof on the actors she is complaining. 

As per her recent tweets, Suchitra is expected to release Dhanush and Amala Paul video first. While Dhanush and Trisha's video will be uploaded later tomorrow. 

Some sources says that Dhanush is not afraid on this issue as there is no truth behind it. So we have to wait and see what are the proof singer Suchitra have in her hand. Already Sanchita Shetty has denied about the rumors on her.

Any how, Tamil audience are excited to see some naughty videos of their reel hero's. Come on youngsters, We have lots of problem's in Tamil Nadu right now.

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