Bruce Lee Hit or Flop : Audience Live Response, Feedback

GV Prakash's Bruce Lee Hit or Flop, Live Audience Response: Actor GV Prakash's 'Bruce Lee' has released yesterday on big screeens with lots of expectations. GV Prakash's 'Bruce Lee' is directed by Debutant Prashanth. 

Kriti Kharbanda making her debut in 'Bruce Lee' added advantage and the expectations too. Now coming to the live audience response from all the four shows, we understand that the film had not satisfied even a single person.

Director Prashanth has failed to get audience applause even for a single scene. Movie running for less than 2 hours seems to be a big movie, which shows the poor working in the screen play. 

At least Kriti Kharbanda is lovely to watch. Kriti Kharbanda will definitely steel your heart in few places with her cuteness. Except Kriti Kharbanda there is nothing else to watch. 

Ratings : 1/5
Final Verdict: GV Prakash seems to be getting worst again and again.

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