Why We Don't Want Sasikala As CM of Tamil Nadu: Reasons

Currently Tamil Nadu is all heading towards Governor rule. As there is big political drama happening between the ruling ADMK party, it seems Sasikala has more MLA support. OPS have people's support all over Tamil Nadu.

In this situation, we can see many MLA's were moving from Sasikala to OPS side. It's really difficult for Governor to chose between OPS and Sasikala in this time. Now coming to the point, there are many reasons why Tamil Nadu people hate Sasikala.

1. Unnatural death of Honourable CM Jayalalithaa.
2. Not leaving anyone to visit Jayalalithaa during those 75 days of treatment.
3. For making American doctor to speak lies one after another.
4. For stealing Jayalalithaa's house and property after death.
5. For forcing OPS to resign !
6. Not even a member of ADMK till last month, how can she get elected as CM ?

Still there are lots of confusion among Tamil people's, which are need to be explained.

Comment your reason why you don't want Sasikala as a CM !!!