Reason Why MS Dhoni Stepped Down As Captain Of Team India In ODI And T20 : Flash News

MS Dhoni No More Captain of Team India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni has made a shocking and hard decision to step down as a caption of Team India. Which means Virat Kohli will lead team India in ODI and T20 matches too. MS Dhoni seems to be gone through a tough days after a lot of changes in the management of Team India.

Rumors says that even, Ashwin and Jadeja had wrong impression on Dhoni and there were moved towards Kohli's side. Along with them some senior management members were against Dhoni including  Anil Kumble. All these things have made Dhoni to step down from his big role.

Let's see how Virat Kohli takes on team India. Definitely no one can replace MS Dhoni. He is an living legend and we won't forget his contribution to team India. Still Dhoni will play in team India.