6 Reasons Where Youngsters Failed In Jallikattu Protest : Tamil Nadu

5 Reasons Were Jallikattu Protesters Failed : Youngsters from Tamil Nadu has made the whole world to turn their side for past couple of days. Marina has never experienced more than 7+ lakhs of students, youngsters and family members ever. Almost one the biggest protests in the history of India. Tamil youngsters made an peaceful protect for more than 7 days even police force showed their support.

But how everything changed in a last few hours ? Here is reason why youngsters protect failed at last minute.

1. Too many political statements and comments inside the protest.
2. Students failed to finding the cheap political members who acted as a students inside the lakhs of people gathered.
3. Hip Hop Adhi said he is backing out of the protest as their are many unwanted peoples engaged in the protest, yet no one have taken this serious.
4. Police supported the students for 7 days, how they suddenly change their mind? How are the whose persons who started taking violence in their hands ?
5. Why students and youngsters didn't realise the protest have been diverted by opponent political parties ?
6. Why the temporary solutions is not accepted ? CM has said there is no way in banning Jallikattu again. What's the problem in stopping the protest for few days.

Also the reason for such problems is their is no proper leader to guide the students and youngsters. Hope they will come stronger in the next protest. And thanks for RJ Balaji and Raghava Lawrence for huge support for Tamil peoples to save the culture with is followed for more than 1000+ years.

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