Vardah Helpline Numbers For Chennai People's Issued By Tamil Nadu Government

Vardah Cyclone Helpline Numbers To Contact : Chennai is about to face a big cyclone with a speed of more than 100 Kms/ hour. Level 10 waring has been given to people's near costal area's. More than 50,000 peoples near the costal area were asked to move towards the safe zone.

The helpline numbers were issued by the Tamil Nadu government to make use of it during the tough times. Vardah Cyclone is expected to cross Chennai by 2.30pm today (12th December, 2016).

"Vardah Cyclone Helpline Numbers: 044- 2561 9206, 2561 9511, 2538 4965, 2538 3694,  044-2536 7823, 2538 7570 . "

Please share the numbers to the peoples of Chennai. Stay safe !