Vardah Cyclone Disaster Rated To Be A Most Destructive In History : Live

Vardah Cyclone Effect in Tamil Nadu - Is Vardah A Most Destructive Blow : Vardah Cycloneisall ready to hit Chennai in next couple of minutes. All schools, colleges and private companies in Chennai have declared holiday. Currently Vardah Cyclone is 50 Kms/ hrs away from Chennai, moving with a speed of 7 to 8 Kms/ hour towards Chennai. 

The wind speed have already reached 60 Kms/ hours in most of the areas in Chennai. If the Vardah starts crossing Chennai, definitely wind speed would exceed over 110 to 140 Kms/ hour. So peoples were not asked to come out of their home for at least 2 hours from now (2.30pm, 12th December).

Already 1500 tress have fallen and the power source and telephone connection have lost in most of the places in Chennai.

Stay tuned for more live news from Chennai.