People Have Restrictions To Buy Gold In India : Modi Government

Chennai 1st December: Indian government has made a new shocking announcement for black money players. As per the announcement, One cannot buy gold without any proper documents and also their is limit which you should not cross.
1. How much a men can buy gold ?
2. How much a women can have gold in her bank ?
3. Will gold price drop in 2017 ?
4. Gold limit for Indian people's.
Indian men can have 100 gram of gold in his name, while a married women can have 500 gram of gold and unmarried women have a limit of 250 gram gold. As per the new rule, Government has rights to take your gold anytime if you cross you gold limit.
This seems to be a shocking one as many people's have invested a huge in gold. Also the price of gold is expected to go down in upcoming days which would hurt most of the upper-class people's.
While the lower and middle class people's will get benefited by this action, as their will be a huge drop in price of gold in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more news updates on India.