Pawan Kalyan Against Modi And Demonetization Controversial Comments

Pawan Kalyan Against Modi And Demonetization: Tollywood Actor Pawan Kalyan who is an anti BJP agent has been a strong voice against ruling parties 'Demonetization'. Pawan Kalyan seems to be disappointed with BJP's 'Demonetization'.

Pawan Kalyan has share his thoughts via his official twitter account. Pawan Kalyan is known as a anti BJP members with his comments in recent years. It is always easy to comment bad on government decisions without any proper knowledge.

As per Pawan Kalyan's comments 'Demonetization' has affected poor / common people's life. Many celebrities from Bollywood, Kollywood and Malayalam cinema had rised their hands to welcome Demonetization, which Pawan Kalyan is the one who is against Demonetization just to turn attention  towards him.

Check out his useless comments in the below image. Sorry if this article seems to hurt anyone.