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Only Secure Cashless Transaction Method In India : Safer Payments

Let's Support Cashless Transaction and Payments : After the huge effect of demonetisation in India, peoples have started looking for alternative methods to make payments cashless. There are many online transaction methods available, yet we can't say those methods were 100% secure. 

No old method to make cashless transaction is through check. Yet it takes 1 to 5 days of time to complete entire money transfer from your bank to others. So definitely we cannot depond lychee on that. One possible way is to use debit cards.

Debit cards: Best way to make transactions when you go for shopping is through Debit cards. You use the same debit card for online shopping too. One thing you need to make sure is you don't share the password with any one. It can be easily hacked if you reveal the password.

Only Secure Cashless Transaction Method In India : Safer Payments

Others Cashless Transaction Methods:
1. Internet Banking
2. Demand Draft.
3. E - Cards
4. E - Wallet.
Yet we can't guarantee all the above methods were 100% sure. Debit cards would be a right pick from all the above wireless transaction methods. Stay tuned for more news updates on India.