Flipkart Delivery Boy Killed For Mobile Phones In Bangalore

Just in - Flipkart Delivery Boy Killed In Bangalore: It is really shocking to known that Flipkart delivery boy has been brutally attacked and killed by a gym trainer in Karnataka. As per the reports from Times of India, Varun Kumar (gym trailer) from Bangalore has ordered a mobile worth of 12,000 rupees a couple of days before. And today he has brutally killed flipkart delivery boy and has taken all the mobile phones which were about to be delivered to other customers.

Flipkart has more than 100,000 delivery boys who were working with the average salary package of 10,000 to 15,000. Flipkart needs to improve the security for their own workers. Even other top online sellers like snapdeal has experienced the same problems before. 

Hope these companies will come up with some new security policies which will ensure their safety. Stay tuned for more news updates on South India.