Vishal Suspended From Producer’s Council of Tamil Cinema

Flash News - Vishal Suspended From Producer’s Council of Kollywood : It is known that actor Vishal and the top members of producer council were fighting each other for a long time. Kalai Puli S Thanu is the one who is extremely angry with actor Vishal for various reasons. Now the shocking reports is the members of producer council has decided to suspended Vishal temporary from producer council.

According to Behindwoods, Vishal said "I am yet to receive the dismissal letter and I happen to see only from my press friends. I also realized that it just has the seal and no signature. I am surprised that a casual statement of mine, mentioning bonda bajji has been so seriously taken which has apparently led the council to this decision. I have no personal grouse against any office bearer of the Producer Council. I am a little peeved that there was no discussion with me on this before sending out this letter."

And also Vishal has decided to stand for Producer’s Council Election which is about to happen next year. It is really unknown why Vishal and Kalai Puli S Thanu is messing up again and again. We have to wait and see to know more about these problems.