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Indian Businessman Has Surrounded 6000 Crores To Government

Gujarat Businessman Surrendered A Sum of 6000 Crores To Indian Government: The honourable Prime Minister of India has decommissioned 500 rupee and 1000 rupee currency in India. By doing this Modi has received mixed feedback from Indians. Opposition parties has severely criticised Modi and BJP for doing this. But every common man has understood the reason behind this and they were supporting Modi endlessly.

Now the shocking reports is, a Businessman from Gujarat named Laji Bhai Patel has surrendered 6000 crores (Black money) to Indian government. It is known that Laji Bhai Patel is doing many welfare activities by donating to charity and educating girl child for a last couple of years.

Yet there is no official news confirmation from the government regarding this. We have to wait till the evening to know more on it.