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American Muslim's afrid of Donald Trump and there life after election in US

Donald Trump's victory in US has shocked almost all Muslim countries and the outsides who live in America. Even we are not sure how Trump will treat Muslim's in America, will US be a threat to Muslim peoples around the world ? Not to forget, Donald Trump has made a controversial remarks by calling for a ban on Muslim's to enter America. (last year, November). But America's seems to be supporting Trump and his anti-Islamic policy's, which is the main reason for his victory.

"I'm very afraid, will there be more wars? Will America attack Muslim countries again?" says JAKARTA, Indonesia. Not only her, most of the Muslim countries in Asia were in a panic state. On the other side, we can be happy that Trump is going to take severe actions against terrorism and terrorist countries. But the one thing which keep on worrying is, Trump is really going to be a bad guy for non-American's for sure.

America is going to be a county for American's only. We have to wait and see how Trump reacts to the Muslim countries. "Muslims are foreigners to him" says Munarman from Indonesia. After winning the election, Trump has delete his controversial comments against Muslim's from his websites. When every one is speaking about world peace, Donald Trump says about fighting against Muslim's.

We hope Trump will work for the betterment of the country and of course for the whole world.