Kavan Story and Budget Explained By The Director Himself : KV Anand

Kavan Movie Story and Budget: Actor Vijay Sethupathi and KV Anand's upcoming action  entertainer has been officially titled as 'Kavan' by today evening 6 pm  (19th October). Check out what the director says about the line liner of the film and the meaning of title word 'Kavan'.

KV Anand: "Kavan - Catapult is one of the  first weapons invented by ancient man. When a smaller & weaker underdog faces a much bigger & stronger adversary & wins."

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The makers of 'Kavan' is to made the film with the budget of 20 crores. And the shooting will be completely finished in 75 days.  Stay tuned for more news updates on Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi.