Visaranai Aims Oscar Awards : Will Vetrimaran win Oscar?

Will Vetrimaran's Visaranai Win Oscar Award ? : The prestigious Oscar Awards is about to happen in a couple of months. The nominations for the Oscar Awards for the different categories were started flowing from all countries. 

From the Indian film industry, Vetrimaran's Visaranai has been proudly nominated for Oscar this year. Vetrimaran has directed only three films so far and all three were a classy and good films. And his second movie 'Aadukalam' has won Indian National Awards for the best Director and also Dhanush received best Actor award. 

So the expectations on the Visaranai is huge. Moreover Visaranai is well received by the Tamil audience and the movie has also received 4.5/5 ratings from critics. So hopefully Visaranai have huge possibilities to win Oscar.