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Poonam Bajwa Looks Dull With 2016 And Hope For 2017 : Tamil cinema

Poonam Bajwa Movie In 2016 To 2017 : Actress Poonam Bajwa is all with worries? Not only Poonam Bajwa, almost all actress will have a one bad year which will kick then out of entire acting career. It's turn for Poonam Bajwa. Poonam Bajwa has no movies in her hand right now. 

As of now she is all set to accept any kind of movies, without considering the importance of role. So her is right opportunities for young directors who is looking for hot and glamorous who can perform will with their acting skills too. Just cast her is lead role for a reasonable salary. 

Hope Poonam Bajwa will make a strong comeback in Tamil and Malayalam cinema industry in upcoming years. Stay tuned for more information on Tamil cinema.