Wagah Hit or Flop Review From Overseas, Feedback, Success, Failure Analysis of 'Wagah'

Wagah Review, Hit of Flop : Actor Vikram Prabhu's 'Wagah' has released in Tamil Nadu by today early morning (12th , August 2016). The movie has got good word of mouth from the fans from Singapore and Malaysia.

"Wagah" is written and directed by GNK Kumaravelan. Vikram Prabhu and Ranya Rao plays lead role. "Wagah" is releasing in more than 275+ screens in Tamil Nadu.

Here is comments from the persons who have watched "Wagah":

Suganth: "#Wagah... No words. (They truly had some guts to screen the film to press a day before its release)."

Kaushik(LMK): "#WagahFromTomorrow.. Visually rich, scenic Kashmir locales and a sincere effort by @immancomposer..

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