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Bongu Cast and Crew : Tamil Movie Bongu (2016) Actor , Actress And Director

Bongu Cast And Crew : Check out the complete list of full cast and crew members involved in 'Bongu' tamil movie  (2016). 

Cast and Crew Members of Bongu:
Actor : Natarajan Subramaniam,
Actress : Ruhi Singh and Pooja Bisht.
Director : Tajudeen.
Music : Srikanth Deva
Production company : RT Infinity Deal Entertainment

 "New director Tej began working on ''Bongu'' during the middle of 2015 and stated the road movie would be shot with the backdrops of Dindigal, Madurai, Chennai and Mumbai. The film was stated to have been based on supercars and would feature several luxury cars." - Wikipedia source.

Actor Natarajan who is shortly called as 'Natty' is making his comeback with some crazy role in 'Bongu'. Stay tuned for more updates on Tamil movie 'Bongu'.