Highest Paid Tamil Actor In 2016 - 2017 | Salary For Each Movie

Highest Paid (Salary) Tamil Actor In 2016 to 2017 : Tamil cinema has number of most talented actors who is even better than Hollywood artists. Right from Kamal Hassan to Dhanush each have their own style and talents which can't be matched to a Hollywood star.

1. Rajinikanth - Paid upto rupees 50 crores. Even some percent of distribution rights from Chennai is given to Rajinikanth as a part of Salary.

2. Kamal Hassan - Paid 25 crore rupees for each movie.

3. Vijay - After Rajinikanth, Vijay enjoys huge family audience in South India. Vijay has been paid with rupees 20 crores for a movie.

4. Ajith - Definitely after Rajinikanth, this man is called as next Superstar because of his charisma and mannerisms which is almost similar to Rajinikanth. Ajith gets 20 crores as his salary for a movie.

5. Surya - One of most talented actor in Indian cinema. Surya can perform any kind of roles in a better way than any other actor. Surya gets 15 to 17 crores as his salary.