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Will Kabali Break Theri Box Office Collection & Records

Kabali Vs Theri Box Office Records : Actor Vijay's Theri has made an impressive 100 crore collection in just 6 days, while the Rajinikanth's upcoming movie Kabali is already started making records in YouTube with the release of Teaser. Kabali teaser runs for about 1 minute and 6 seconds. Rajinikanth is back with a typical Rajini style movie. The way he walks, smiles and says the punch dialogue takes your mind to vibrate. It seems Kabali has many mass punch dialogues in it.

Already kabali has crossed 50 lakhs views in less than 1 day in YouTube which is highest ever views for a Indian teaser. Hopefully, Kabali will be on screen after the election.

Stay tuned with Galata Woods to know the box office success of both Kabali and Theri. We will give you detailedit reports on Kabali Bix office collections comparing with Theri movie collections.