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24 Four Days, Five Days Collections Is Average At Box Office In Tamil Nadu

Surya's 24 4th Day and 5th Day Box Office Predictions : Actor Surya's 24 has got mixed review from the fans of Surya. The film '24' is one of the prestigious project of Actor Surya. The movie has failed to satisfy the audience by 100%, yet it was a good try from Surya and Vikram Kumar.

The first day box office collections of Surya's 24 is listed here:
Tamil Nadu : 6.1 crores
Telugu States : 6.4 crores
Malayalam : 2.1 Crores.
Other States : 2.7 crores.
Overall box office collections of Surya's 24 for the first day is about 18 crores in India alone.

The second day collection of 24 is about 15 crores. And the third day ended with 13 crores. So Surya's 24 has managed to grab about 46+ crores in India alone. While the four and fifth day box office collections of Surya's '24' is expected to be about 9 and 8 crores respectively.

So the first five days box office collections of Surya's '24' will be about 65+ crores. Yet their is no official confirmation from the production team. We have to wait for the official announcement soon from the 2nd Entertainment.