Nadigar Sangam Cricket Match, Team Name Of Tamil Actors And More Updates on Actor Association Cricket Team 2016

Tamil Nadigar Sangam' Cricket Match And Team Name (Tamil Actor Cricket Match 2016) : Tamil Nadigar Sangam' has decided to make a cricket match to collect fund and fulfill the needs of poor people's in cinema industry.

Team Name of Nadigar Sangam' Cricket Match :
1. 'Chennai Singams',
2. 'Madurai College',
3. 'Nellai Dragons',
4. 'Tanjai Warriors',
5. 'Tiruchi Tigers',
6. 'Ramnad Rhinos',
7. 'Salem Cheetas' and
8. 'Kovai Kings'

Each Team will have 6 members only. Nadigar Sangam Cricket Match will start from April 17th, 2016. Stay tuned for more updates on Nadigar SangamCricket Matches.