Why Amy Jackson Out Of Enthiran 2.0 Movie ? Shocking !!!

Are you worried about Amy Jackson being removed from Enthiran 2.0 ? Not only you, almost most of the Amy Jackson fans and even Rajinikanth fans were started worrying about this issue. The final decision depends of Shankar, no one has the power to replace Amy Jackson except the director and producer.

Reason For The Problem With Amy Jackson : Amy Jackson has signed a petition to stop 'Jallikattu' which is conducted every year in Madurai. 'Thamizhaga Munetra Padai' is doing protest before Shankar and Rajinikanth's house to remove Amy Jackson from the Enthiran 2 movie. 

It is really a tough task to find a replacement for Amy Jackson. Amy Jackson is definitely the perfect pair for Rajinikanth in Enthiran 2.0 movie. Hope Shankar won't remove Amy Jackson from the movie.