Simbu Beep Song : Facts & Truth | Why Beep Song Is Not Bad | We Support Simbu

Beep Song Issues and Problems : What's the actual problems with the Simbu's Beep Song ? Is it bad for society ?

Let us explain the black sheep behind Beep Song. Before that we will ask you few questions, answer it from your heart.

1) Is Beep Song is the only Tamil song which has bad words ?
2) Many women's club / group were against Simbu for a single bad word in Beep Song and they were making protest against him. OK women's then why don't you come up when a women shows her body / cleavages in movies ? Is it right ?
3) Every one will accept hot and glamorous scene in Tamil cinema but you won't accept a song ?
4) Ok next question, Does Simbu release it officially and recommend to you hear that song ?
5) Before doing protest boys and girls, Have you heard the full song ? Go and here it line by line till the end. It's a song every girl should support and enjoy. (Except a single bad word)

Last but not least, Nadigar Sangam did great job for Simbu. I think Nadigar Sangam waited for this opportunity to hit back Simbu. We were not degrading the efforts of Nassar and others, but still Nadigar Sangam could have helped Simbu. 

We are really angry for those who were against Simbu for Beep song. Feeling too much angry on you guys, who were against Simbu. Finally we want to tell you something, 'We Support Simbu'.