Bengal Tiger Is a hit or flop says the audience from first show

Bengal Tiger Hit or Flop : Actor Ravi Teja's Bengal Tiger released today worldwide in more than 750 screens. Bengal Tiger has two big stars, Ravi Teja and Tamannaah. Bengal Tiger is made with a budget of 25 crores.
Let us talk about the movie: Bengal Tiger is definitely a worst movie, since there is nothing new. Same kind of story. Only good thing is the screen play makes the movie petty interesting. Gorgeous Tamannaah is a big plus for the movie.
Talking about box office: Since the movie made a solo release, the box office collection will be good for next couple of days. The movie is made with the budget of 25 crores, which can be easily collected with in four to five days.
Final verdict : Bad story and poor review from fans makes the movie a flop, but its a average hit at box office collection.