Tamizhan Endru Sol Is Vijayakanth Next Movie To Release In 2016

Vijayakanth's Next Movie Titled Tamizhan Endru Sol : Actor Vijayakanth is all set to start in next movie. Yes, the busy political leader / Movie Actor Vijayakanth is ready to start his next movie after a long gap. According to the source, Vijayakanth's son Shanmuga Pandian will play the male lead, while Vijayakanth will make a guest appearance. And this movie is titled as 'Tamizhan Endru Sol'. May be this movie might have all elements to boast up his political strength and fans base. 
Hip hop Athi with be composing music for 'Tamizhan Endru Sol'. Keep visiting for more updates on Vijayakanth's upcoming movie. Hopefully Vijayakanth's son 'Shanmuga Pandian' will come back with good movie this time.