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Punnami Ratri Review and Ratings : Punnami Ratri is a Telugu horror movie which is written by director Vinayan T.G and this movie is produced by Meruva Subba Reddy.

Review of Punnami Ratri :
Director : Vinayan has made a justice to his job. It's a good attempt from him.
Music: Average Album from Raghu Ram and Babith George.

Cast and Crew Performance:
Everyone has equal importance and even the characterization is done well. Aaryan, Prabhu, Sradha Das, Swetha Basu Prasad, Monal Gajjar, Nassar and many more have done their roles well.

Positive feedback: Don't a same kind of story, worth watchable.

Negative feedback: Poor screen play in between first half and at the initial portion of second half. Movie travels out of its plot at many places.

Overall Rating: 2.75/5