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Keechaka Hit or Flop a Review From First Day First Show :

Director N V B Chowdary has tried to give something new for the Telugu audience. But unfortunately it's not going to be great treat for Telugu fans. Kishore Parvatha Reddy has produced this movie. Music Director Dr. Josyabatla Sarma needs to learn lot more to give a successful album.

Lead Actors of Keechaka: Yamini Bhaskar, Jwala Koti, Raghu Babu and Giri Babu has given a decent performance.

Positive Feedback on Keechaka: Story line seema to be a good try.

Negative Feedback On Keechaka: Average Songs. And below average screen play which will not keep you involved in the movie.

Ratings: 2.25/5
Final Verdict: Below Average !!!