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Kuttram Kadithal Review With Movie Ratings, Its a Hit Movie

Kuttram Kadithal Review With Movie Ratings, Is It a Hit or Flop : Kuttram Kadithal is one of the most expected movie under the low budget category. Kuttram Kadithal is an award winning movie which is to be supported by all movie fans.
Cast and Crew of Kuttram Kadithal:
1) Master Ajay as Chezhiyan
2) Radhika Prasidhha as Merlin
Director : Bramma G
Producer : Sathish Kumar
Music Director : Shankar Rengarajan
Kuttram Kadithal movie says about the lifestyle of different people's and how they faces the problems in their life. Kuttram Kadithal is extracted from Thirukkural.
Kuttram Kadithal is worth watching and its a must watch movie, if you need lot of encouragement in your life. Go and watch it in nearby theaters, Don't miss it.
Rating: 3/5 (Worth Watching).