Top 7 Bollywood Actress Selfie Images Stills Pics Latest | Selfie Queen 2015

Top 7 Selfie From Popular Actress (Selfie Queen): Selfie images of actress is releasing daily but here is the most beautiful selfie's from the popular actress of Hindi cinema (Bollywood Industry). Below actress of the few who have perfect face for selfie.

1. Amy Jackson: Selfie from Amy Jackson is always hot to see. This British model have a perfect face for selfie, so Amy Jackson takes the first place.

2. Anushka Sharma: Such a lovely girl who can make you fall in love with her sweet smile. Here is the selfie of stylish Anushka Sharma who is at number two.

3. Sonakshi Sinha: Gorgeous lady of Bollywood takes the third position in the top 7 selfie of the year 2015.

4. Priyanka Chopra: Here is the selfie from India's most prestigious actress  Priyanka Chopra. This talented beauty takes the fourth position in top 7 best selfie of Indian actress.

5. Shruti Hassan: Most hot and talented actress of Indian cinema. Such a crazy girl who can do so many expression is a single selfie, take the 5th position.

6. Nargis: Here is the stylish girl who has gone to Hollywood from Bollywood industry. Nargis takes the 6th position in this contest.

7. Aliaa Bhutt: Finally the girl who is making youngsters go crazy is here. Most beautiful lady of Bollywood who is challenging the leading ladies with her beauty - Aliaa Bhutt. Aliaa Bhutt takes the 7th position in best selfie from Indian cinema actress.