Papanasam Review : Movie Which Is Brilliant In All Aspects

Papanasam Movie Review: Kamal Hassan's Papanasam is an remake of Malayalam super hit movie Drisyham starring Mohanlol and Meena in lead roles. No doubt Tamil version will also be a big hit. 
Sudhish Kamath says "First half of Papanasam was very well done, stays loyal to Malayalam original, different only in flavour. And Kamal Haasan is rocking it. Be moved to tears by Kamal Haasan in that scene with @ananthmahadevan towards end of Papanasam Beats most Oscar winning actors with range.

How God is Kamal Haasan in Papanasam. A superb remake that is as good as the original. Bonafide thriller & Kamal Haasan showcase."
Verdict: Must watch
Rating: 3/5.