Popular Top 3 Stars Of Tamil Cinema Considering The Fans Base

Do you want to know who is the most popular actor of Tamil cinema ? No doubt, it's Thalaivar, Thala and Thalapathi who is ruling the Tamil cinema for past 5 years.
Most Popular Tamil Actors:
1) Rajinikanth : Evergreen superstar who rules the Tamil cinema for four decades. Rajinikanth  is entertaining your grand father, father, you and your child. More than an commercial entertainer he is an good actor too.
2) Ajith: He is the one who follows Rajinikanth footsteps. Ajith wants to be the next Rajinikanth. Both Rajinikanth and Ajith are the two actors who can perform villain role better than any other actors. Ajith have huge fans among youngsters. 
3) Vijay: He has huge number of family audience. That is the real strength of Vijay. This the reason why Vijay movies make 100 crore rupees collection easily. He is an great entertainer.