Eli Movie Review | Boring Movie From Vadivelu ? | Is it A Flop Movie For Producer

Eli - An appallingly spiritless film. Done watching 'Eli' today , feeling Sorry for the
producers. That natural comedy sense of Vadivelu is no where in the movie. He is shown so artificial with mindless comedy. Waste of time.

Here is the one statement from a fan after watching first half:
"Eli 1st half boring and laughed 3 times and yawned 18 times. Lets see how the 2nd half goes."

Eli - An appallingly spiritless film that is replete with run of the mind comedy and stick in the mood ideas.

Eli - Strictly for Actor Vadivelu fans. Second half good looks good compares to first half. First Half is a bit lengthy. Sadha just ok to watch. If you are a Vadivelu fans, its a must watch.

Ratings: 2.5/5 (Boring Movie).