Suriya's Masss (Mass) Review Gets Too Positive Comments From Fans In Singapore

Actor Suriya's Masss gets positive review from the Singapore fans. Venkat Prabhu direction Masss starring Suriya, Nayanthara and Pranitha gets Mass feedback from fans. According to the report from overseas, Masss seems to be the best movie of Venkat Prabhu. Suriya's performance has been the great plus for the movie. Visuals were just amazing to watch along with Yuvan's BGM. Also Masss has opened in 400+ screens in Tamil Nadu and 1900+ screens worldwide.

Fan Reviews:
Only Kollywood Posted:
Now Watching: World's first premiere of @Suriya_offl - @dirvenkatprabhu's #Masss! Masss 1st half: Interestingly mounted thriller with ample one liners which tickle the funny bone. @Suriya_offl & @thisisysr nailing it.

Hisham wrote: "Super duper kickass 1st half.First of it kind genre n totally engaging. Action,comedy,horror,romance n wat not. 2nd half , cant wait. #Masss Twist at every turn. Thats 1st half of #Masss. @Suriya_offl show all the way. Hope 2nd half will live up to first.

Suriya says #AdhukkumMele. Kick ass entry. #Masss #Masss - @Suriya_offl show all the way. He is back to his best. Super stylish and performance. Climax typical but over all a SIXER. #Masss - And @dirvenkatprabhu hits it out of the park. Action thriller with a mixture of horror , comedy and romance. Sure shot hit. 3.5/5."

Daniel_offl Wrote: "#Masss First Half Oversea Report : Outstanding Suriya Rocked the movie. Ceylon Slang was Simply Superb. #WelcomeBackSuriya #MASSSMania"

Surya Prakash Wrote: "Wow...amazing visuals!! Edge of the seat experience! #masss @Suriya_offl @dirvenkatprabhu sema mass."

UyirV Posted: "#Thala dialogue by Premgi #Chiyaan Dialogue by Surya #Kaththi Bgm for #Suriya #Veeram bgm for Motta Rajendran @dirvenkatprabhu #Masss."

Kollywood Cinema Wrote: "#Masss #Massu First Half Oversea Report : Outstanding #Suriya Rocked the movie. Ceylon Slang was Simply Superb. #WelcomeBackSuriya."

Genious_gce Wrote: "Good. Might impress certain audiences.3/5. #Masss #Maasu #MasssEngiraMassilamani."

Balu Murali Posted: "#Masss Perfect Entertainer. Yessssssss. It's @dirvenkatprabhu Sixerrrrrr. Congrats @Suriya_offl @thisisysr Positive Vibes From Overseas."

SRK SURIYA SK FAN Wrote: "For me the most handsome ghost o vampire is Edward Cullen..avareye minjithinge @Suriya_offl loved ur look...ur hair..n the scar..#MASSS"

JazzTweets✨ Posted:" @Suriya_offl super sir #Masss a super jolly ride..where kids to old can enjoy fully.. Super sixer from @dirvenkatprabhu sir."

Lohgan Kanesan Tweeted: "#MASSS - Surya on FULL FORM after Anjaan. Super comeback. Definitely a great script selection. SAKTHI entry SEMME MASS !."

Narayanan Tweeted: "#MASSS Spooky and funny 1st half. Suriya acting Gud.Interval twist Gud and easily guessable.Average.Kids ll love it #MASSS 1st half Yuvan BGM has VP template all over.Veeram Girl comes in 2nd HF."

Muzni Posted: "#Masss copy of ghost town (2008) movie , very disappointed !!!"